Wednesday, 20 April 2011

What is a line?: Varying outcomes.

Whilst searching for inspiration for my what is a line? constellation designs, I came across many inspiring and unusual hand-drawn designs in which constellations are represented- in both a scientific and informative way, and also in the mystical, fantastical way it is also often percieved (a jekyll and hyde view and personality of the subject which I have always been fascinated by). Here are some examples of the outcomes I have sourced and research, some helping to inspire the later stages and development of my own design practice...

Illustrative designs by Harriet Gray, a Shropshire based freelance illustrator (as I hope to one day be also!)

I am really fascinated by Harriet's photo-perfect illustrative style, and her blend of materials and techniques used to create her images- often of a magical, and dream-like aesthetic- constellations being one of many running themes. A great combinatin of the natural and the surreal- great badge also, reminds me that graphic design isn't limited to pen, paper, and a computer, but your imagination.

Unfortunately, I can't link in the images directly, but the site above has some great examples of star map sheets and how to distinguish each constellation. On Monday 18th April, I posted my finished star map designs onto my design practice blog (, and feel happy with the results I achieved- but if I were to go on to develop them further, I could add more key guides to spotting each individual constellation.

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