Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Speaking from Experience: Paper craft Installations.

Julien Vallee is one of my favourite discoveries of the past month, thanks to Gestalen's 'Papercrafts' design book, which I recieved as a birthday gift.
Before reading this book, I had never really considered myself, or graphic design to really find much of a home in a gallery, sure, there are the few exceptions, but I have been so used to seeing fine art and scultpure in galleries, graphic design in print and on the seemed quite a new and refreshing design when I first saw Vallee's sculptural paper craft installation work- full of character and bold, geometric shapes with bright colours- it really is eye-catching and communicates his playful and creative mind and ideas wonderfully.

On Vallee's website, I also came across this animation, with a "behind the scenes" style's so fun and eccentric- I love the mix of him absolute calm and relaxation and the pandemonium than ensues on the table. Another great example of blending found objects and animation, with just the right hint of crazy...

A great series of photographic and papercraft set ups by Frankfurt-based multi disciplinary design studio, 'Pixelgarten', who specialise in fashion, corporate identities, photography, and illustration.
I really like these cartoon-like styles, many inspired by classic or computerised games such as Super Mario, Tetris and Sims, each one distinct and instantly recognisable- very true to the original games design, but with their own unique twist. A really clever idea and hopefully one that I could, at some point in the future, expand upon somehow- combining many of my interests: photography, set design, costume, and COLOUR!

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