Monday, 4 April 2011

What Is Graphic Design For?: Type and Image- Lost and Found.

Ever since first seeing the twenty-five minute animation 'Lost and Found' on television a few years ago, feeling completely awed and inspired by both the aesthetic and the story concept, I have been a great fan of illustrator and artist, Oliver Jeffers; aswell as being one of the main driving forces in my aspiration to become a children's book author and illustrator.

The story tells of a young boy, who, one day, gets greeted by a penguin at his front door. First, he tries to ignore him, but eventually decides he must take him back home where he comes from.

The story is enhanting, and the animation perhaps even more so- adapted into CG animation by Studio AKA with director Phillip Hunt, with Jeffers working closely on-hand.

For me, the title page (shown the top image above) is my favourite still of the entire animation- a great piece of graphics work, applying great skill in both the illustrative and typographic design in such a child-like, geometrical, yet soft aesthetic. The colours blend perfectly with lowered gradients, highlighting and shade- one of the most remarkable pieces of animated film making I have ever seen.
This is definately something to aspire to.

Appealing to adults and children alike- the lack of narrative and focus of music and soundtrack throughout the story makes for both (somehow) a childlike, aswell as a very mature viewing- sure to be remembered and appreciated, if not loved, by all.

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