Friday, 26 October 2012

Design Practice III//Comma Branding.

A great branding project, which is so inspiration in terms of what I hope to achieve in both my Design Practice III module and personal and professional practice within the branding design industry. Comma is a design proposal pitch for a semen quality test manufacturers which covers a wide range of both digital/screen- based and printed collateral in a high-quality, professional design outcomes with clear visual communication of health care and pharmaceutical products, but with it's own distinct design and brand identity throughout.

A great project and source of inspiration for my own various brand projects throughout my final year (within both my Design Practice III and FMP projects), particularly looking at the effectiveness of marketing and product range. For design developments for this module, see my Design Practice blog, and more information about the project source below (with link shown above).

Made by
Caroline Rosenkjær, Casper HoldenChristina Stougaard
Nicolai HenriksenThorbjørn Gudnason


Client: A small entrepreneurial company from Denmark is currently preparing to launch a new innovative mens product, a semen quality test for home use which indicates the semen mobility with 98 % accuracy! The appearance and use of the product is similar to a pregnancy test.

Brief: The company’s CEO asked the students at the School of Visual Communication in Denmark to analyze the scandinavian market, find a target group, design and name the product, create a complete visual identity and to introduce the market for a hard-hitting advertising campaign.

Strategy: We will introduce the product and its features, and prove to the target group that the test is reliable. And be the target groups first step towards the solution of problems with conceiving.

Concept: The concept behind Comma works just like a regular typographic comma, the only difference is that we replace the typographic comma in our sentences with the Comma package. That explains visually why Comma is the break in the pregnancy process when having trouble conceiving.

We have decided to not only design a visual identity for the product, but to create an online community where involuntary childless can learn and share with equals, send readers letter to a professional semen analytics and read the latest articles about fertility. Then Comma will not just be a semen quality test, but a compassionate company which care and helps invulentary childless further against conceiving.

This is project is made as a pitch.


Design Practice III//Stack Architecture Branding.

Yesterday, in the peer feedback session, fellow BAGDer Luke pointed me in the direction of the branding for Stack Architects by Leeds- based design agency, The Consult, who specialise in brand solutions, and, on this project were chosen to propose the name as well as the digital and print collateral for the practice.
I love the confident simplicity and concept of the logo and overall monochromatic design which really stands out against it's contemporaries for it's clean minimalism which works effortlessly over a range of outcomes. 

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Design Practice III//Shrewbury Brand Project.

Although not blogging about the brief at the time (when first discovering the project whilst on a placement over the summer), today I came across the brand Shrewsbury brief by & Smith and We All Need Words (see source links below), which, undoubtedly, has been my favourite project of the year.
Perhaps a little bias in regards to living outside the beautiful town (when back at my family home), the conception of the brand design and use of architectural influence within their designs, I believe is truly original and inspired and works beautifully over a range of both digital design and print collateral. 

A definite source of inspiration in regards to my general branding for the Design Practice III module, design developments of which can be found on my Design Practice blog, particularly in regards to conceptual development and consistency across a range.

The identity and brand campaign, created by two London agencies, & Smith and We All Need Words, was commissioned by Shropshire Council on behalf of Destination Shrewsbury, with the main aim of promoting Shrewsbury as a prime location to live, work, visit and invest in.

Graphically, the Shrewsbury branding is based on a large original black and white pattern which nods towards the many wood-beamed Tudor buildings in the town. The pattern has been applied to business cards and some of the graphic elements appear in a specially adapted version of Dalton Maag typeface Efra which acts as the official brand typeface for headlines.

The idea from the offset was to create something that local businesses could use and employ to help market themselves. So the two collaborating agencies created the line "A Shrewsbury One-Off Since…" strap line and graphic stamp device that could be used in maps, brochures and advertising. The idea is that the device can be used to show how old (or how fresh) something is - from a building that's as old as 1586 to a cake that was baked at 6.30am.

"We wanted to come up with a shorthand for Shrewsbury," explains Rob Mitchell of We All Need Words. "If Hay-on-Wye is books, what is Shrewsbury? The more time we spent there, the more we realised that Shrewsbury has lots of things to talk about. We had to come up with a way to sum that up that was memorable and could be used in lots of ways by different people."

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Design Practice III//Fedrigoni Sample Pack.

Yesterday, I received another Fedrigoni sample paper pack through the post with samples of white and cream papers to potentially use for the stationary and printed collateral for the University of Leeds Ballet Society. 
I was really pleased with the selection sent (when selecting Fedrigoni samples it's an educated guess with weights as the names are often a little cryptic- but, of course, are very fashionably assigned to a 'range'), and felt that a good range of samples were available for potential experimentation and print finishes.
When I next meet with Carys, or discuss print and digital outcomes via email, I hope to pitch printing on a high-end stock to her. Despite a certain limit in terms of the budget, in general, there is room for negotiation, and a well- sourced and crafted paper will inevitably result in a far greater print quality and a higher level of professionalism all-round.
For design developments for the Ballet Society, see my Design Practice blog.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Design Practice III//James Maxwell Architecture & Murmure.

Today, whilst working on concrete-coloured inspired business cards for Interior Architecture student, James Maxwell (see my Design Practice blog for more details), I remembered the concrete business cards by Caen- based design studio, 'Murmure', which I saw earlier in the year and was amazed by. 
Despite the fact that the material just wouldn't be practical for James' hectic, networking lifestyle in which the cards would be required, it's amazing to see just what can be done with print, and how far the use of creativity and tactile materials can be pushed. 

A definite source of influence- hopefully James will be able to visualise the conceptual development more effectively through this source of visual inspiration and see the possibilities for pushing concepts throughout design outcomes produced.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Design Practice III//Branding Consistency.

Whilst searching for branding projects on Behance, I came across this wonderfully innovative design for The National Museum in Warsaw (Poland), by designer Dawid Cmok. Although perhaps a little commercial and industrial for the individual arts- lead briefs I'm currently working on, this project showcases the flexibility and creativity from a simple, yet innovative brand mark/logo idea that can be effectively applied over a range of both digital and print- based collateral. Throughout the developments of my various branding briefs (which can be found on my Design Practice blog), I will certainly refer back to this project for inspiration in terms of professionalism and the variation of products which can be produced.