Monday, 4 April 2011

What Is Graphic Design For?: Image- Julia Pott.

'Howard' by Kingston University Illustration and Animation graduate, Julia Pott is a fantastical and fascinating perspective of relationships- falling in and out of love.

I have been a great fan of Julia's for some time now, admiring her illustrative work- but perhaps her animations even more so- beautifully depicting heartfelt and sentimental stories with integrity and imagination- known for using personification and metaphor in her work- with people depicted as their animal selves- the animals reflecting their personality.

Howard, in terms of contemporary animation is quite magical- the colours, sound and style of Julia's drawings (which I felt were always reminisant of Eastern-European styles) woven together create something quite sensationally unique and her talent evident.

Along with many other works that Julia has created in her short life time and career, Howard has been featured at many contemporary film and media viewings with great sucess- her graduation film 'My First Crush' recieving great popularity with over one million youtube hits when featuring on it's front page.

Overall, I think people relate and respond to Julia's work so well because of it's humanity and tender subject matter that many can relate to-feelings of love and loss, and an encouraging and warming feeling that whatever you may be going through, you are not alone.

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