Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Speaking from Experience: D&AD graduate academy .

Love this photographic advertising campaign for the D&AD and HP partnership graduate academy programme, which I first discovered thanks to a poster pinned up in the Graphic Design department at Uni. 
The graduate academy programme has been set up to train 100 new designers eager to get into the industry for later life work, becoming an effective and positive contribution to a design agency- with the final 50 (with the most promising contribution) to be offered paid placements at 50 of the UK's top creative industries and organisations.

A really simple yet effective idea- a great example of the simplicity that should be applied when designing for visual communication- "getting a look into the industry"- the images tell it like it is and speak for themselves. The close-up portraits work very boldly and really grab your attention. 

Really cool designs, working well on all scales (particularly large), I think working with close-ups like these could prove really effective.

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