Monday, 4 April 2011

What Is Graphic Design For?: Image- 35 movies in 2 minutes.

A brilliant stop motion imagery video in which the designers simplify their favourite thirty-five films into a condensed two minute sequence as much as possible- with such films as Jaws, Snow White and the Seven Dwarf, A Clockwork Orange, etc.
I really love this video, and was delighted to stuble upon it almost by accident- very innovative, fast-paced and involving- a real entertainment tool, it urges you to guess along with the images and to test your own visual communication skills.

The sound combined with this video also works wonderfully- relating to the original scores of the films, they give a sense of familiarity and knowing which stimulates your memory also.

I could really see this as an advertising tool for film and cinema- perhaps promoting a film festival or special anniversary viewings at art house cinemas aswell as providing great interest and conversation among film, media and design fans. A great video.
Aesthetically pleasing, as well as a strong concept- a brilliant design- already giving me inspiration for the design for screen module in the second year!

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