Sunday, 3 April 2011

What Is Graphic Design For?: Type- Cress.

I love this organic cress typeface by Kingston University Graphic Design graduate, Jennifer Workman.

Although I am fairly new to the world of typography, I have always been interested in the most abstract and unusual forms of the subject- less about the anatomy and structure, but more about the delivery and aesthetic of the design- and this cress piece is a great example of my weird and wonderful tastes in typographic design.

Picked up and showcased in Creative Review magazine, Jennifer's unsual use of cress is innovative and ingagaing to a wide audience- as well as edible! (what could be better?!) A fun, creative and economical technique (cress literally grows from any surface- even cotton wool, as shown above, or carpet!) that I would love to have a go at re-producing and experimenting with in the near future.

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