Sunday, 3 April 2011

What Is Graphic Design For?: Image- Elisabeth Lecourt.

Fascinating designs by artist and papercrafts designer Elisabeth Lecourt 'Les Robes Geographiques'- as cartographers use maps to acess and translate the Earth, Lecourt creates paper-based map clothing using intricate and precise folding and oragami techniques to communicate and represent the identity of the clothing's wearer and owner.

A really smart and original idea- as well as a fascinating and immaculate design Lecourt's work is beautiful and absorbing- from both a cloth maker or surface pattern designer's point of view, or a more graphic design viewpoint- due to the cartographic atlas prints on the "clothing" and the patterns they make when folded- creating quite an abstract and chaotic aesthetic.

A really great concept which stretches over various design deciplines and interests, Lecourt's work would could be displayed in various ways- shop fronts, museums, galleries- a great instillation show-piece collection.

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