Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Speaking from Experience: Baking- Typogateaux research.

Some of my favourite designs from the past few years of the LCA BAGD OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED (probably) typogateaux show-down: an event created by tutor Amber Smith to showcase all that is wonderful in the typographically-designed baked goods world.

Cakes here designed by: Anand Patel, Aaron  Skipper, Beth Yates, Matt Tucker, Dom Rugman, etc (sorry if I've missed anyone out!)...a really fun brief that is an ESSENTIAL know-how, particularly for any new first year students.

I could potentially create designs inspired by typogateaux- perhaps even spelling words out with cakes made in the typogateaux style and then photograph for leaflets, posters or booklets- or perhaps make an animation, using the cakes themselves or transforming into an illustrative style. 

So many possibilities, so little time...really looking forward to our concept workshop tomorrow (details will be posted on my design practice blog, as soon as possible!).

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