Sunday, 3 April 2011

What Is Graphic Design For?: Type and Image- Steph Baxter.

I really love this child-like, sunny, playful design by LCA BAGD graduate, Steph Baxter.
I have followed Steph's work for a while, and really admire her style and talents- one similar to how I would like to develop and explore within my own work.

This infographics piece for mother and baby magazine is informative as well as aesthetically pleasing- it draws the mother in, and is clear and understandable- even for the busiest, most tired of mothers (and fathers too!).

As well as magazine print format, this, being so aesthetically pleasing- bright, colourful, and cheery would even work well as a wall chart or a poster for a child's nursery or bedroom- transforming an often tiring or difficult subject matter for new mum's into a light and cheerful one through this imagery.

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