Saturday, 30 April 2011

Speaking from Experience: Bert Simons Paper Craft Models.

Whilst searching for paper craft model designers online- I discovered this remarkable Dutch designer, Bert Simons- whose crafting is combined with highly specialised and skilled 3D computer design to create stunningly realistic, contoured models of animals and humans.
From deciding that I would like to have a go with working with papercraft- to create a more wholesome and "organic" feel for my design project (see developments on my design practice blog,, I have been very enthusiastic about following this relatively new design path (for my own practice, that is)...though a little concerned about creating the netting and shapes for more curved, natural items as opposed to man-made packaging.

The work of Bert Simons, whilst a little beyond my reach in this short time-frame (four weeks until the project/module deadline!) has inspired me to persue with my idea and really test my limits and technical ability to create familiar and distinctive shapes and lines for my chosen objects in my design work.

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  1. Great craft models.. :) I'd like to see more of these in future posts too.