Sunday, 3 April 2011

What Is Graphic Design For?: Image- Peter Callesen.

Discovered in the book 'Papercrafts: Design and Art with paper', I have been really inspired by the papercraft creations of Danish designer Peter Callesen, in particular, the 'big paper castle' design (as shown above). 
Callesen creates magnificent structures and instillation imagery through paper based crafts- often using a single piece along to construct his entire design- to create impressive and awe-inspiring designs.

With an interest in architectural design, I am particularly fascinated by his work- as I'm sure many others harbouring this interest would be- and a love for construction and building- his designs in this particular area so varied from princess-like castles to churches and building ruins- his audience is wide and varied, often with work highlighting destruction or collapse to fine and intricate detailing- his work is fascinating and absorbing, as well as crisp, clean and modern.

Perfect for shop front designs, if constructed on a large scale for companies such as Harvey Nicholls or Selfridges; and a versatile gallery or exhibition piece- working at any size.

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