Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Speaking from Experience: Time Lapse Research.

I've always been quite drawn to time lapse animation, though, so far in my ~design life~ I haven't had the oppurtunity (or, drive, if I don't make excuses for myself...) to make one. As I have previously mentioned on my PPD blog ( I have started to grow cress (in templated shapes) as part of a personal project- this could be a great oppurtunity to excorcise my time lapse craving. Knowing how the process works, it is relatively simple, though would need to ensure that the process was set up correctly with a test run (it involves several tweaks with my camera and some computing know-how for the software set-up...) and consitent lighting on my focus point to achieve the best results.

Could also have potential to work with my designs, one of my concepts on my design practice blog ( suggests I could make a time lapse animation about the fast pace of uni, and how to keep up with it- this could be a possible trial run or experiment to try out.

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