Monday, 4 April 2011

What Is Graphic Design For?: Type and Image- Bourjois.

A great magazine and poster advertisement by artist and fashion illustration specialist, Nadia Flower.

I have always been attracted to this advertisements- the curious composition, the great photographic editing and the bright, youthful colours- it has always stood out to me as a brilliantly bold and memorable design (coming from a particularly biased favouriting for magazine layouts and editing as a one-time aspiring magazine editor/photographer!).

I believe that this advertisement really captures the essence of the French make up brand Bourjois- lively, fun, creative, beautiful and youthful- from the expression on the flawless model's face to the way that the curvature of the illustrations wrap around her in a carefree and almost wild manner.

This would really stand out to a young target audience and, although I have yet to seen it as one, would make a great poster as well as magazine advertisement- the colours speak for themselves, and shout out from the page- exactly what Bourjois are selling to you- the boldness and richness of their eyeshadow capsule products, and that with owning one you too will share the model (and the advert's) carefree and beautiful appearance.

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