Sunday, 3 April 2011

What Is Graphic Design For?: Type and Image- Julien Vallee.

A wonderfully vibrant and expressive instillation papercrafts design by Quebec-based graphic designer and artistic direction, Julien Vallee- a commission for music programme MTV One.

Recently, thanks to the book, 'Tangible: High Touch Visuals' (along with others), I have found myself completely fasicnated and awed by instillation and tactile graphic design- the third dimension making the work somehow even more alive, creative and expressive- and this design is a brilliant example of that- photographed amazingly to compliment the work in the design and construction of the piece- with the television "exploding" with the vibrancy and livliness that the MTV One channel has to offer.

A brilliant advertisement design- a still for a poster campaign or televised ident, this is eye-catching self-explanatory and engaging-a really effective and exciting piece of design to convince or persuade viewers to watch this equally exciting channel.

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