Sunday, 3 April 2011

What Is Graphic Design For?: Type and Image- Dudley Wild.

Image and research sourced from 'tangible: high touch visuals' by gestalten publications.

As a designer, I am hungry to experiment with media, methods of delivery and presentation- and this self-promotion postcard and poster by Bath Spa School of Art & Design graduate, Dudley Wild fufills my interests- almost in a nutshell.

I really like the idea of Dudley's self-promotional tool, taking a step away from the traditional, simplistic business card to really showcase his work to potential employers, instantly recognising the style of his work and talents.

The two things I like most about this design is the photographic installation format- really well structured and edgy- the high-tech modern against the forgotten warehouse for contrasting cool- and the hand made three-dimensional lettering which I have seen in several designs recently, and would love to have a go at crafting myself- bold, simple, crisp but full of impact- with a great, modern sans serif typeface- legible, readible and clear.

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