Sunday, 3 April 2011

What Is Graphic Design For?: Image- Tache-tastic design/Kenn Munk.

Following on from the last module project, whereupon I researched and developed products based upon a "know before you grow" cut-out-and-keep moustache growing concept, I (sadly too late for the assessment) discovered this wonderful design by Scandinavian designer, Kenn Munk.

A really simple idea, not too disimilar from the themes of my own, but I love the dress-up element of Munk's design- a truly interactive piece with three-dimensional folds adding life and character to this playful design- brilliantly printed on the front of the design week magazine, attracting it's main target audience, aswell as introducing beard and moustache lovers to the publication with the inticing gift of moustache and beard "fancy dress".

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