Sunday, 3 April 2011

What Is Graphic Design For?: Image- Kenn Munk Global Warming.

One of my favourite design works of late- this papercrafts design, by Scandinavian designer and teacher Kenn Munk highlighting global warming awareness for WWF (the world wildlife foundation) has truly inspired me.

The informative one-sheet design tells you how to construct your own polar bear oragami three-dimensional design, complete with melting ice cream. The design is sweet and thought- provoking to both adults and children, with clear and precise construction information. 

Again, like Peter Callesen's designs, I love the economic factor of printing onto one sheet- easier and more afforable for both designer and buyer.

This oragami design would be brilliant as an educational tool for children- with a powerful and important issue for purpose and meaning, as well as entertainment of constructing the design piece itself.

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