Monday, 4 April 2011

What Is Graphic Design For?: Type and Image- Skittles.

A bright, fun and playful style for this Skittles advertisement, reminisant of the most vibrant days of sweet-lusting...childhood. Great motion as the simple, bold text "bursts" from the product image (presumably, this a visual and literal comment on how the flavour is a taste explosion- a bursting of extreme and exciting flavours.

Again, the visual connection of the skittles tagline "taste the rainbow" is found in the imagery- with the colours used in the typography through the three-dimensional drop shadow bars, along with it's position in the sky, floating as if it were itself a rainbow.

A great advertisment still for printed media- a bus stop poster, or within a magazine this delightfully bright design would undoubtedly catch the eye of the sweet of tooth.

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