Monday, 11 June 2012

Design Practice III//Contextual Research.

This afternoon, me and some of my friends (and fellow BAGDers at LCA) went along to the End of Year Show at Leeds Met, as we had done the previous year. Looking primarily at the Graphic Design work (Fine Art wasn't exactly my cup of tea- taxidermy, inflatable goat, anyone?) to see what other courses had been up to, and the level of work/kind of work we may be producing come graduation and throughout our design practice next year. 

Again, much like last year, there seemed to be much more of a focus on Art and Design with Graphic Design as opposed to just Graphic Design itself, though there seemed to be a lot more development in terms of typography and branding design this year, which was a clear shift from the previous year.

One of my favourites from the show was John Barton, a typographic designer, who, for me, really stood out from the other designers in the show for his strong branding and typographic design- two aspects of the industry that I really want to myself push and develop (perhaps moving away from my illustrative roots a little more, and channelling it on type instead), who I've sent a message to, (fangirling) about how much I like his work- hopefully building up a dialogue, and perhaps being able to gain a little insight into the industry, and from his previous work experience.