Friday, 22 April 2011

What is Graphic Design For?: Image- Yulia Brodskaya for Cadbury.

A design I missed from my original Yulia Brodskaya post, this work was sourced from reading 'The Book of Inspiration Vol.II' (from the makers of Computer Arts magazine).

This Ireland-based billboard, designed for Cadbury was formed from a brief to "capture, in a simple, visually evocative and iconic way, the jourey of a glass and a half of milk into a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk."- comissioned as one of the three designers for the commercial promotion (the other two designers being Rachel Thomas and typographer Alex Trochut).

As I have previously mentioned on blog posts, I am a huge fan of Yulia's work, and the way she has transformed the Victorian art of quilling into a contemporary and desirable design outcome and method of production- with each design looking uniquely hand made and delicate.

The use of quilling in this advert works wonderfully as it creates real motion and movement within the image- almost cataching an "action shot" of the milk's journey into the chocolate bar- and creates a sense of drama and wonder on this large-scale billboard.

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