Monday, 25 April 2011

What is Graphic Design For?: Type and Image- Kate Forrester.

Brighton University graduate Kate Forrester works across many platforms, primarily through publishing, advertising, and design- with a distinctive hand-rendered, cursive and flourishing typographic style- full of embellishments.
Since graduating, Forrester has worked alongside companies such as Tiffany&Co and John Lewis, along with many others.

I first discovered Kate Forrester's work in 'The Book of Inspiration Vol. II' (by the makers of 'Computer Arts' magazine) and really loved her distinctive, yet also somehow quite versatile style- her paper-cut like scripture and imagery fitting onto numerous print and web-based medias with complete ease.

Forrester's work oozes sophistication, romance and luxury- which, of course, the brands of which her work has been associated will be well aware of, and have made this concious decision because of these reasons- her creative calligraphy adding elegance onto any brand or advertising.

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