Monday, 25 April 2011

Speaking from Experience Research Brief: Imagery.

A collection of images supporting my opinions and thoughts about what I have learnt about my experience at University (and the BAGD LCA course!) thus far...

It may sound expensive to begin with, but the Adobe software is a definate investment- sadly, University hours aren't as long as the other Uni's in Leeds due to it's size- don't depend on the equipment at Uni...deadline's catch up with you before you know it.
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AMBER LIKES DOGS!: Use this to your advantage, as she really does enjoy talking about them. Lots.
This is Mr Christmas Dog, an attachment we received in a chirpy Christmas e-mail.

Blogging is not an option- it's a way of life. Get used to the idea of spending every day on it, and every minute of every day thinking about it. least it's cheaper and less RSI-inducing than sketchbooks!

Spend your money wisely, or your cupboard will end up looking like this. Or, worst still, Morrison's value 9p noodles. However hard the hard times will be, sacrifice that shot you won't even remember drinking in the morning- bottom-of-the-pile economy food just isn't worth it.

From now on- your GMail Uni email will be more imporant than facebook. No, honestly. Check it everyday- full of important information regarding briefings, tutorials- and better still, design oppurtunities for you to get your hands on!

Graphic Design o'clock is always o'clock. If you go through the entire first year without "pulling an all-nighter" you are a Demi God. From now on, Graphics is going to be with you everywhere you go. Normally, I find it lurking about my head as I want to go to sleep, it forces me awake and pins me down to my desk. 

Fred openly and enthusiastically encourages Haribo bribes- he likes Starmix best. 
Each day your late equals a new bag. Best get saving the pennies if you like late night parties...

Having a part-time job just isn't worth it. Sure, the extra cash boost is good, but after a 9-5 day at Uni, and then working late into the night, you'll start to forget what it feels to be alive.
A good comprimise is applying to be a student ambassador for the Uni- great pay, and you get to work when you want to work. Snazzy.

As if you were having enough worries- it's time you get a bigger pencil case too. My pen surplus has tripled since joining Uni- being a Graphic Designer embeds a magpie-like insinct to pick up any interesting or slightly shiny instrument of creative joy.

You'll look at VLE in the first year more than pictures of your loved ones- with risk of change to timetables, confusion over elections, etc, keeping a close eye on your timetable is ESSENTIAL, unless you want to get buying those Haribo packets, of course...

SLEEP IS NON-EXISTANT. Your bed is more likely to be used as a dumping ground for reams of stock, or an extra desk to origanise your very disorganised work upon.

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