Saturday, 30 April 2011

Speaking from Experience: Sarah Illenberger.

When I decided upon a theme for my 'Speaking from Experience' brief, and the thought that I would really love to start working with more colour and papercrafts, once designer in particular, Sarah Illenberger, came straight to my mind.
German designer, Illenberger studied at Chelsea College of Art and Central St Martins before becoming a full-time art director and illustrator in 2003- now working in all manner of design and craft work without any particular set boundary to the materials and methods she uses.

Of her work, my favourite is her papercraft series- in which she used simplified aesthetics to make food from paper and stock...

With a great sculpting method and use of colours, Illenberger simplifies the objects to their most basic and recognisable form- simplification being very commonly used within Graphic Design, and something that I would like to focus more upon, as oppossed to over-complicating work as I have often been in dangerous territory of doing. 

I also really like this design campaign, highlighting the Fairtrade industries- using recycled materials to create fruits- great textures and creating really interesting contours and shapes- a really bold statement (love the button details on the apples and banana!).

For me, paper crafts, I think would really suit my concept (for more details, see my design practice blog, as it would give the homely, unique and wholesome feel that I want to generate- to me, hand crafted items always feel to have more love and soul in them- and health and diet should be personal, about caring for yourself and your body. Also, particularly in modern design, it's less common than computer-aided design...I want to create something that will jump off the page and really catch people's eye...with a message that doesn't sound preachy or nagging, but friendly, reassuring and caring.

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