Monday, 25 April 2011

What is Graphic Design For?: Type- Craig Ward II.

Another example of Craig Ward's typographic work that I have felt so inspired by lately.
Ward's passion is evident through his experimental and hugely creative style- blending not only the anatomy and structure of type, but how it is formed, and how the space around it helps to form it also.

This is one of Ward's pieces I particularly love- truly cinematic and atmospheric the piece has huge impact and describes the message so perfectly- a feeling of love or endearment that is so strong and powerful, you feel yourself almost exploding- with awe, with devotion, with amazement.

Ward's typographic works, similar to the style of 'You Blow Me Away' (featured above) would look great as large-scale advertisement boards, as the visual impact would draw so much attention and focus- the larger scale the better- making the emotion and visual response even more dramatic and powerful.

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