Sunday, 3 April 2011

What Is Graphic Design For?: Type- Bubble Wrap Calendar.

Another brilliantly simple, yet very effective design- the bubble wrap wall chart calendar, allowing the owner to induldge in the love of popping bubble wrap (lets be honest...who doesn't?!) and keeping a track of each day, and important events within the year- with the bubble wrap backed onto either white paper or clear acetate.

Created by Stephen Turbek for 2009 publication, this calendar was reported to have been hugely successful for the financial industry employee, and at $30-$50 each, made a huge profit thanks to his invovative and satisfying design and product.

A really brilliant, yet, as aforementioned, simple product with a huge target market I love the interaction with this design- brilliant and economic- cheapily made but big on profits thanks to it's potential global market.

Image and information sourced from 'Tangible: High Touch Visuals' book publication.

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