Wednesday, 12 October 2011

What is design for print?//TOP TEN MANUAL Developments & Research//GEIGY.

Selected pages from one of my favourite books, 'Corporate Diversity', from one of my favourite designs- the packaging, promotion, advertising and branding design by Swiss company Geigy- pharmaceutical and medical brand. Several pages in the book have really caught my attention- with a constant love and joy from researching and evaluating Swiss Graphic Design, which is, of course, a particular favourite.
For me, Geigy has always demonstrated perfection in design- a versatile range of branding and visual communication and design- keeping it simple, yet informative- stripped down to the bare essentials for a crisp and confident design. I love the simplicity, geometry and block colours used in their designs- with a minimalist, bold aesthetic that really appeals to my practice and design nature. I think that emmulating this style for my print manual would work really well- keeping it eye-catching and visually communicative, yet simple to compliment my written text in my information manual.

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