Monday, 10 October 2011

Design Production for Print//Stock Research.

With limited time and financial constraints before my printing session tomorrow afternoon (to print my packaging designs, which can be found on my Design Practice blog). I knew that I wanted to print my design onto a crisp, ice white for a clean design, reminiscent of traditional nautical prints. I went into the University library to see the stock options available- picking up white card, cartridge paper, tracing paper, bulky newsprint, newsprint, and white paper. 

I decided to use the white card for my designs- the simplest, more versatile stock for my printed media, and approximately 260gsm- not too flexible, yet not too difficult to fold for my net designs. 
For my ticket and invitations I decided to use white card from stationary retailer 'Ryman', in a 240gsm which provides the same cool white tone but with a slightly more flexible stock, adding a little more variety to my printed media.

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