Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Design Production for Print//Invitations.

Researching a few great sources of design inspiration in the form of invitations- unique, with exquisite print finishes, well developed concepts, and flawless execution, all in aid to prompt design developments for my Design Production for Print/Wes Anderson film festival project brief, which can be found on my  
Design Practice blog.

Wonderful concept for an interactive wedding invitation by design studio Le Caja de Tipos- creating perforated circles for the guests to pop out and create their own unique designs (with suggested patterns in an infographic vector style on the back of the card)- and to recycle the paper punched out as confetti for the wedding! Original and environmental- two of my favourite things!
Great use of the greyscale colour palette used too- ensures the designs are kept simple and sophisticated.

Designs above, by Ben Slater, for the event 'Tescodisco' (featuring "a nocturnal art gallery, live performance, and truly unique electronic soundscapes) cleverly blends the distinctive visual branding of capitalist super-giant brand 'Tesco', with a contemporary and edgy screen-print zine-like design. Combining the distinctive stripe design with retro-esque typography (and even a few letters from the Russian alphabet thrown in for good Eastern-European influence and measure) creates an edgy, distinctive look.

A wonderfully fun and innovative printed media concept by designer Chris Trivizas- combining both the childhood joy of "speaking" through tin cans attached by string (I did this...a lot) to spread the engagement word, through form of invitation (along with a printed invitation inside) and then an infographic print design on how the cans can be recycled by attaching to the wedding car post-ceremony in the traditional (if slightly confusing?) manner.
Again, a great example of multi- purpose design... really inspiring stuff.

A beautifully, and rather sentimentally crafted wedding invitation booklet, created by designer Matthew Muller for his very own wedding. The elaborate, and elegantly finished booklet consists of 14 page 6"x9" design - a great variation of images and design used, but kept consistent with colour palette and typographic elements- a great source of inspiration and encouragement to combine various visual outcomes- and to be a shade braver with my own final outcomes.

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