Thursday, 20 October 2011

Design Production for Print//Sourcing paper stocks.

Starting to research various stock suppliers to source swatches and samples for print tests and design developments for my hypothetical Wes Anderson film festival promotional material.

Inspired by yesterday's visit to 'Team' and a prior love of Fedrigoni papers, I did some research into their stocks, and was awed by the range of papers they produce- and will certainly require further investigation and research at the time when I have specified my ideas to a higher level.
Also, samples are available upon visiting their showroom in London... more than a little bit tempted. 

Again, G F Smith paper supplier was another inspiration from yesterday's trip to Team, however, it was the first I heard of them- so it was a great treat to learn about another well established and respected stockist of industry standard paper stocks.
I contacted them regarding sourcing paper samples, and they requested that our tutor (Lorenzo) contacts on behalf of the university. When Lorenzo comes back to Uni (temporary leave) I'll have a word and see if we can get some bulk samples in for the group to enjoy! A great range of paper samples available- I'm sure there would be something for everyone.

Again, another printing company providing free samples of their stock- over the weekend, I intend to source as many as possible and hoard as many samples as I can for this integral part of my design process.

Really happy to have already stocked some bible paper stock- I'll definitely do some more shopping around, but very happy with the price- will be great for experimentations.
Of course, because of the extremely light weight of the paper, I had my concerns over how easily I would be able to reproduce images- of course, it would work through technologically advanced lithographic printing- but digital will be testing it's limits. I'll have a word with James in the print room at Uni to discuss the possibilities of test prints or the finest paper possible to print upon.  

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