Monday, 3 October 2011

Design Production for Print: WES WEEK.

This week is the start of 'Wes week', whereupon I will watch one of his six feature films per night (and his two short films on the seventh evening) to evaluate certain criteria and research for my information graphics data. I have decided to focus, so far, on some of the most significant features within his work and "auteur qualities". These include:

* Owen Wilson/Bill Murray/Jason Schwartzman- "THE WESLEY TRINITY"- Wes' three most directed actors, seeing how much screen time each of the actors get (aka, how many shots they get in the entire Wes filmography)

* "Bad Dads"- Counting how many "Bad" Dads are featured within Wes' filmography and

* Futura- Counting how many times the geometric typeface is used, in it's various family forms

I will document and analyse my findings at the end of the week (as well as on the separate days), and perhaps then have more inspiration for other recurring features to document.

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