Thursday, 13 October 2011

Design Production for Print//A PRINT HANDBOOK.

A copy of 'This is a print handbook (For Designers)' by The Media Collective- an essential print guide with detailed instructions and information about the printing process and necessary knowledge to achieve successfully printed designs.
Originally given out in the first year, I was unfortunate enough not to grab a copy of my own, but came across the website which previews some wonderful photograph samples of the book and the rich, substantial body of information it holds (such as dpi resolutions in print, gutters and margin measurements, etc).
The book itself  is printed in four process colours, plus one PANTONE spot colour with four different varying paper stocks (uncoated, silk, gloss, cover), along with a one colour gate folded cover with foil blocking print finish.
A beautifully considered piece of design alone, I had purchased it online (see image at the bottom of the page) and look forward to potentially learning even more about the print process (as this project has further established it's the industry I want to work in upon graduating)- as well as to gain more inspiration for my 'Top Ten Print Manual' which will be made it the forthcoming days.

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