Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Design Production for Print//Interactive/Engaging Posters.

Researching some inspiring interactive and inventive printed poster designs, in aid to inspire some of my own ideas for the development of my 'Design Production for Print' Wes Anderson film festival project (more information of which can be found on my Design Practice blog).

Here, designer Nadia Ceruti turns what could be a very mundane subject into something visually bold, memorable and crisply designed- great use of the blue spot colour with the reversed out white type and illustrative vector images. Good use of excess negative space around the images insures that the design remains minimal and clean.

'Fold Away Poster' by Designer Rick Jones combines a wonderfully simple, yet intelligent concept, with a carefully crafted poster design. Interesting overlay of the off white stock with the bold spot colour paper underneath- can create very different moods and visual outcomes with endless variations.

Creative photographic concept by Tomato Kosir for a Jazz Festival, first displayed in Michel Gondry's comedy 'Be Kind Rewind'. Good use of greyscale and minimal tones for a sophisticated and understated visual outcome.

A sweet concept (pun intended...) by designer Zahir Mirza in which the world, and all it's object inhabitants are turned on their head to inspire the childlike fascination and wonderment that Smarties aspire to emote and inspire.


A brilliantly simple yet inventive concept in which five different cut shapes and framing devices are used in an interactive experience- letting Denmark's residents share their favourite elements of their capital city- with footnotes available to fill in at the bottom of the poster in order to spread the word and share the ~love~.

Trapped in Suburbia created this poster design for a Graphic Design Festival- engaging and interactive, this poster shows how effective both humour and simplicity can truly be. Great use of the scratchcard like print finish metal print over the top of the image- fun and playful.

'I hate 2D posters' by designer Ersinhan Ersin is a series of three-dimensional posters created to challenge the norm of poster design, and to create a fun and engaging experience with the audience that will, in turn, go on to certainly be more memorable- and worth talking about- a great promotional benefit alone. Simple, yet really boldly executed- something great to aspire to.

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