Monday, 10 October 2011

Design Production for Print/TASK/Print Finish Product Sourcing.

A few examples of print finishes on everyday products, in preparation for the discussion and print-based workshop with tutor Lorenzo tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, only receiving an email "heads up" this evening, my products aren't quite as glamorous or sophisticated in their design as I would hope, but showcase a range of processes all the same...

Tres Emme hair hair brand- their straightening balm gel packaging is finished with a high-end printed design with foil-blocked elements throughout- typography, illustrative icon and block spot colour on the branded item description panel (the rectangular red strip at the bottom of the packaging).

The Mirimax Film Special Edition of the indulgendent cinematic treat, 'Chocolat' (starring Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp in the lead roles). The print finish reflects the "special" in "special edition" with irredescent letterpress, foil blocking and spot varnish over the film-poster cover area. A combination of printing finishes and techniques, though subtle on their own, speak volumes in a considered and luxurious print design when combined.

Again- another example of high-end and sophisticated print finishes from 'Computer Arts' magazine- again, utilising spot UV varnish facilities for elements of their cover illustration- here, most notably featured in the 'character design revolution' typography.

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