Sunday, 9 October 2011

Design Production for Print//HOW TO...

Looking at how to create various print finishes for a more luxurious or diversified design outcome, in order to support my Design Production for Print packaging design task (found on my Design Practice blog). Although time constraints mean that I may not be able to effectively execute these finishes in time for hand-in on Wednesday, the methods and techniques may be utilised at later stages within the project.
An interesting insight into some unfamiliar or unpracticed techniques- I look forward to pursuing these in the near future.



Beautifully made video- really refreshing to see a simple communication of the craftsmanship- careful and considered editing ensures that this potentially dry subject matter is intriguing and involving to it's audience.


Perhaps not the most effective method for more complex logo designs- but would work brilliantly for single characters or bold pictorial designs. I'm sure these could be made mehanically to ensure an absolutely crisp design- but it's great to know it's something that I could easily, and affordably, produce myself- definately want to try this out soon.

The same rules of which are performed in this video can be applied through a standard heat press (most commonly used in textile and surface pattern design). I have booked myself in for a foil blocking induction, having only worked with very simple techniques in college, and hope to utilise this in my future printed designs.

Some truly horrific videos... but fantastic techniques. Looking forward to experimenting with them more in the near future in my design practice.

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