Saturday, 29 October 2011

Design Prodcution for Print//Letterpress & Futura.

Today, whilst searching for inspiration in the design developments of my 'Design Production for Print' Wes Anderson Film Festival project (see my Design Practice blog for developments), and came across some brilliantly finished letterpress designs which, in Futura, looked fantastic- bold, high-impact, sophisticated designs. The images posted below show some of those findings, and potentially inspiring ideas for my 
own project developments.

Having never executed letterpress work for myself in the past (unfortunately), I don't know a great deal about how it is performed- aside from watching videos, and having a brief discussion with people about the process. If I were to go on and pursue this idea, it would definitely be worth booking a twilight session in the print workshop to try my hand at some myself, whilst also sourcing a professional letterpress practice to find out more about costings and the feasibility of getting some letterpress finish applied to my designs.

I saw the 'Field Notes' series of printed media in the summer whilst initially doing my 'What Is Good' research (click here for more details) on Wes Anderson- and they are so distinctive and reflective of his subtle style, and, of course, use of Futura- even down to the primary colour series. Wonderfully simplicity whilst still remaining totally desirable. Love the stock used too- so refreshing to have a change from samey white stock, and great eco- credentials.

Again- a great example of Futura in letterpress form- the combination of pictograms, simple vector imagery and multiple typefaces gives this wedding invitation design a truly unique and well considered feel- beautifully simple and yet, somehow elaborate because of it. Decorative in all the right places.

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