Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Design Production for Print//Posters.










Drawing inspiration, again, from Wes' use of Rostrum camera angles in his films, particularly highlighting objects of note- and, perhaps most noticeably, books- first, in 'Tenenbaums'- creating the literary equivalent to the film, posing it as a book (at the very beginning of the film) that is being take  out from the library, and then also eight years later in 'Fantastic Mr. Fox', where Wes pays homage to it's original author, Dahl, in showcasing his version of the books cover.
Could be an interesting way to create a promotion of the hypothetical Wes film festival- perhaps mimicking this style with a book within a poster, or even a poster within a poster?

Considering these styalised presentation designs- held in a very contemporary and "hipster" fashion- not too dissimilar from the work of Lucy Gibson, whom I blogged on a post a couple of days ago on this Design Context blog. much like Wes, displaying hands and a far more human side to the object it is glorifying. Definite need for experimentation over the next few days (see my Design Practice blog for future developments).

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