Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Design Production for Print//Tickets.

Researching a few great examples of ticket designs as inspiration for my own project and design outcomes for my hypothetical Wes Anderson film festival- developments of which can be found on my Design Practice blog throughout the forth coming weeks.

Branding and promotional material by Netherlands-based designer Samantha Wikes for the Royal Opera House in Oman. Here, Samantha captures the sophistication and cultural credentials of the opera house with a sophisticated and elegant design- with selected print finishes (spot colours, metallic spot colours) adding a real touch of quality- reflective of the cultural experience the Opera House aspires to deliver.

Portuguese designer, Tiago Coelho, here creating branding and promotional design across a variety of media for Aeess awards. A really interesting blend of collage-like materials with an effortless mixture of both greyscale photography and spot colour vector designs for a truly unique, creative design outcome.

A student branding project for the museum of moving image by designer Tien-Min Liao. A really creative concept development which translates effortlessly into her finalised (and varied) design outcomes. I love the spinning entrance pass- creating the moving image allusion- so creative and simply designed. Great inspiration for my own design project- need to consider how to creatively translate my theme into my own design outcomes.

Playful designs by design studio Bravo Company for 'By Invite Only', a handcrafted jewellery brand with a vintage/rustic visual and design direction. The design studio created a circus-like theme for a memorable and distinctive branding style- utilising natural materials used in the jewellery, reflective of unique and considered designs and products.

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