Thursday, 13 October 2011


Session IV- Specialist Production & Definitions



A wonderful example of corporate branding identity by designer Muggie Ramandani for Max Chocolatier. From designing a unique, in house typeface to applying the logo and visual imagery over a wide range of printed media (shop front banners, bags, packaging, business cards, letterheads, etc) to applying sophisticated and luxurious print finishes, this design is a shining example of how branding and identity work SHOULD be done.
The simplicity of the designs combined with the selected high-end stocks and aforementioned print finishes ensure that the designs are visually communicating a high-end, luxury brand.

Beautifully sophisticated monochrome design for Ambrose Hotel chain- really love the simplicity and considered layout of the range of printed media to which the identity and branding are formed by- chic, 
simple, and elegant. 
The Montreal-based 1910 building reflects the Victorian age, but with a contemporary twist- where the inspiration for the logo was formed- contemporary charm, quirkiness and a wonderful example of how a design can be applied throughout a wide variety of print production methods and outcomes.


Promotional mailshot material created by designer Megan Sorson for Jill & Preston wedding materials- inspired by a quote once said from the bridgegroom to his future wife, "I'm the anchor, you're my sails".

The offset print was produced in a batch of 150 units in CMYK- costing $325 for production in the space of a week. Other print finishes include intricate folds which help to strengthen the visual theme and communication of the nautical theme of the wedding invitations, and the location of their lake-side wedding.
Gorgeous matte stock used, this design meets the perfect line between contemporary and "vintage" with it's intricate map-like design.

Super- cool, contemporary and unique packaging design for The Fineprint Chicago T-Shirt Packaging by designers Laurent Varlet. Corrugated cardboard and silkscreen printing production are here used to create the tongue- in- cheek nod to Chicago's pizza delivery heritage in utilising the scaled dimensions and appearance of a pizza box to wrap their clothing products (tees, totes, etc).
The scale dimensions also mean that the boxes can be posted through letterboxes- a handy, economical packaging device.

On the website sourced, 'For Print Only' (an Under Consideration sister site) the designer, Laurent Varlet notes the difficulty of printing onto corrugated cardboard- and the effect folding it had on the print (leaving the design creased and inconsistent)- definately worth considering pre-print, stock choices play a fundamental role in professional print production.


A twenty-four page booklet printed by offset onto newsprint- monochrome with Pantone Red 032 U spot colour throughout the design (printed in order of 3,000 units).
Designed by Rachel Kinrot for Brooklyn-based, Ugly Duckling Presse is a non-profit art and publishing organization. 

I really love the design throughout the booklet- the single spot colour with the monochrome works effortlessly well for a simple, sophisticated design (I wish I'd created something like this for my 'Good Is...' brief- see my Design Practice for further reference)- the minimal layout and geometric shapes make the design contemporary- and printed onto light weight newsprint helps boost the visual communication of the environmental and ethical ethos of the company.

Great layout, binding and composition in this design by 344 Design, LLC and Stefan Bucher- 'The Art of' (created for, of course). The 242 page booklet printed by both Digital offset and Indigo processes, the neon white "mohawk premium digital" booklet is edge painted with bright yellow- against the hardback black cover (complete with Japanese stitch/Modified Coptic stitch binding).
Similar to a composition of page booklet I have been working on myself in the 'Good Is...' project (see my Design Practice blog for more details), this is a really inspiring design- a simple yet well structured grid with balance between type and image just right.

The book was original produced in a 500 unit order, costing $40, 000 (produced over a period of a month)- presumably, each book would be bound by a hand-crafted finish- which would be a time consuming, 
and costly operation.


A wonderful example of infographic design in this printed publication- 'The Time Life Book' by designer Jihad Lahham documents the history and infographics of aeroplanes, their flight and associated subjects.
The square format of the book adds a unique and contemporary variation on standardised 'A' series sizes, with interactive fold-outs and pull out pages to add an element of fun and interactivity to the design.

Wonderful combination of vector illustration, type and photography, printed in four colour process CMYK to capture the multitude of swatch colours used throughout the illustrative designs, as well as the satin gloss photography colour plates.

Wonderful typographic and illustrative infographic design looking at statistical data from Tour de France annual cycling event.
Designed by Jerome Daksiewicz, the 24x32 in design was printed in a batch of 250 units by offset printing methods onto 10% recycled AQ posters through the four colour CMYK printing process (to capture the variety of colours in a cost-effective print run).
As well as providing insightful information about the country of the race, the teams, and team colours, etc- the poster visually communicates the aesthetic of the Tour with the geometric, spherical shapes in a contemporary, crisp design. 

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