Sunday, 23 October 2011

Design Production for Print//WES ANDERSON BIO.

Researching source information about Wes Anderson, and in particular, biographies and text written about him. These findings will go on to contribute to my development of content for written media (such as the film festival programme) in my hypothetical Wes Anderson film festival designs.
Through concept development and feedback sessions, one particular comment has been that people want to know more about Wes himself, and his history- hopefully a small section on his life as well as his work shall help satisfy that need.


- Director, Screenwriter, Producer, Actor.
- Born 01/05/69 (currently 42).
- Graduated with a BA in Philosophy from University of Texas, Austin (born and raised in Houston, Texas).
- "Makes films with friends"- consistent collaborations with actors, most notably with Owen Wilson whom he met at University in a play writing class (he was studying English).
- Noted for auteur qualities within films, notably wide-angle camera shots, rostrum camera shots, and use of Futura Bold typeface (usually in bold).
- Consistent themes running throughout his films include: abandonment, "bad dads", sibling rivalries, neglect, child prodigies and "outsiders".
- Said to introduce a great deal of personal experience into him films. The character of Max Fischer in 'Rushmore' was directly inspired by his own precocious time at school- and his infatuation with an older woman.
- Two greatest inspirations in his work are author Roald Dahl, and oceanographer and videographer, Jacques Costeau.
- Also directs television commercials. Examples include 'American Express' and AT&T which showcase a consistently "Wes" style.
- He describes fans of his films to, generally, be "outsiders" and "misfits"- people that don't necessarily fit in, or feel that they are always outside looking in.

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