Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Design Production for Print//Joshua Daniel Scott for Fedrigoni.

"This was my third project of the year but also my first major project; the aim was to choose one of Fedrigoni's paper ranges and to create a fully integrated marketing campaign. For those who don't know, Fedrigoni is a paper company with a massive selection of papers.
We had the choice of certain ranges of papers and I chose the Sirio colour range, which came with a selection of 21 colours. The concept is focused around fine Italian leather as this is an Italian company. Using the event theme of the 'Fedrigoni Shoe Room', the idea was to replicate the feel of an upper class shoe store. The shoe heels were the platform for displaying the diverse colour selection in the Sirio colour range."

Stumbled across this project by Graphic Design student, Joshua Daniel Scott (third year BA (Hons) Graphic Design, Nottingham Trent University) whilst looking for images of Fedrigoni paper stock for my ISSUU 'What is Design for print?' project.
Really creative concept, I love the way he has crafted the paper shoes with such care and demonstrated them in a high-fashion line. Unique and totally creative concept.

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