Saturday, 29 October 2011

Design Production for Print//Typographic Inspiration.

As aforementioned on posts both on my Design Context and Design Practice blog, Futura plays a massive role in Wes Anderson's films- liked to other directors such as Kubrick for his use of the iconic geometric typeface. 
Over the past few days I have felt a little lost with my project- but returning to some of Wes' own designs has given me a new burst of ideas and enthusiasm of how to visually communicate my film festival proposal and project in an effective, uncomplicated, and considered way.

Along with his iconic use of Futura, Wes' own handwriting features several times throughout his films- the most prominent example perhaps being in Rushmore when Max Fischer is reading a hand-written quote in Jacque Cousteau's 'Diving for Sunken Treasure'. In my own designs I have been combining my own script handwriting with a more bold, uppercase futura-bold-like type, and think that the two are wonderfully suited- as can be seen in the image directly above, a promotion for Citerion Collection's edition of 'Bottle Rocket' (illustration by Eric Chase Anderson)- truly a match made in typographic heaven.

I'll definitely be experimenting with hand-rendered types for a more personal and three-dimensional design outcome within the project and it's developments.

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