Sunday, 9 October 2011

Design Production for Print//Data Flow 2 & Mapping.

Last week, I took out two books from the University library to research and inspire the info graphics/way finding direction I hope to pursue within my design production for print/Wes Anderson project. The two books (covers in images above) were Gestalten's 'Data Flow 2' and RotoVision's 'Mapping' (which felt a little dated, but still had some good examples of design). The images below show examples of work and design from the two publications.

MAPPING//Roger Fawcett-Tang & William Owen

Design studio 'North' with their year 2000 design for Selfridges interior signage (Oxford Street, London). With such a cluttered and garish history of signage in shops and stores, 'North' completely stripped back their designs for a minimal and clean aesthetic- utilising totem poles and simple, pictorial images to act as their way finding system.

An early 1990's design by design studio Pentagram for Croydon Council- a brief in which signage for the new arts museum would have to be internally contained with "front of house" signage for the public, and "behind the scenes" staff signage. Although consistent in design- the scale and focus of signage between the two audiences is evident- large scale and bold for the public- discreet and low-key for the staff and council workers. A creative, yet simple design.

A creative and conceptual diary design by UNA (Amsterdam) designers in the year 2000- whereupon varying stocks and over-prints create an info graphics dating system to distinguish particular dates, events and significant features within the diary year. A creative use of colour and image, this design is well-considered and beautifully designed.

Wonderfully creative, yet simply elegant reversed-out calendar design by NB: Studio for Knoll (Knoll Calendar- Twenty-First Century Classics), whereupon the design studio created a calendar for the famed furniture retailer- with an image of one of their products with each date- and a sofa continuing over two days to visually represent a weekend. A fun, creative concept- executed stylishly and simply.


Wonderfully simplicity in vector illustrations and minimal colours, this design for 'The state of World Fisheries and Aquaculture 2008' is crammed with information and statistics- yet it's considered composition and layout on the page means that no information is lost, and the page design remains legible. 

Musical info graphic designs on this DPS, in which audio is visually communicated. A particular favourite of mine, on the right-hand side of the DPS is 'Aleatory Compositions' in which Hoagy Houghton created a book of sheet music from those unaware of his intentions. Originally asked to fill a blank grid with seven colours (shading in whichever pattern they liked) a colour scale was translated into a musical composition, creating whimsical and abstract audio pieces.
A really creative and playful concept- I love the blend between the pattern making, visual design and audio- truly unique.

Great, simple design on the left of the DPS in which designer Xavier Barrade replaces common French stereotypes with pie charts to "expose popular misconceptions about France and it's political system." Love the overlay of the photographs with the illustrative vector designs- edgy and abstract.

Creative design 'A stitch in time' (right of the DPS spread) shows the textile stitch pattern created by generating an audio input technologically into a sewing machine with distinctive and visually communicative frequency patterns. This is something I've never seen before, and the technology behind the pattern making and info graphic- style of the design is truly fascinating. I would love to create work like this- blending the traditional with the modern. Brilliant concept and execution. 

Simple and effective vector info graphic illustrations (the right hand page of the DPS) in which designer Toby Ng Kwong To creates 'The World of 100', he creates simple pictorial designs to narrate statistics about "If the world were a village of 100 people...", focusing on information including literacy, religion and technological advances.

Great photographic designs over this DPS- particularly, again, on the right-hand side of the DPS, ('Sugar Stacks') which showcases the levels of "hidden sugar" in many commonly loved snacks- simple, effective composition and capture.

Brilliant concept and clean, crisp design (top left-hand corner, left page of the DPS) by Sean Clarke for University College Falmouth. In this design for prospective Graphic Design students, they are encouraged to "pick up a pen to pick your own future!" creatively linking works to determine their ambitions as a designer. Love the interactivity and simplicity- great use of minimal, bold colours also.

* Some great sources of inspiration- many simply executed, but with creative, complex concepts. Great inspiration for the future of my design project (which can be found on my Design Practice blog)- and a great example of how effectively simplicity can be (and not over-complicating, as I have, in the past, had the tendency to do).

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