Sunday, 23 October 2011

Design Production for Print//LUCY GIBSON.

Looking at a few projects by Graphic Designer Lucy Gibson for inspiration for my Wes Anderson 'Design Production for Print' promotional project- in which she combines, bold minimalism and spot colours with photographic collage and abstract use of composition and layout for an edgy, unique design outcome.
She uses spot colours and duotone with great effect, a technique which has been practiced and taught throughout software workshops in this 'design production for print' module- and which received good feedback when utilised in my packaging design one-week brief- prompting a good excuse to experiment some more in future designs for this project!

"The Chosen
Design and art direction for a upcoming exhibition, titled ´The Chosen` held at the Red Gallery in Shoreditch. The exhibition is in association with Art Idol and curated by last years winner, the roles have reversed."

"xxZxxThe Sound Garage
New promotion style for summer 11 launch to advertise what The Sound Garage can offer the aspiring youth in Bedfordshire. From recordings to getting together to from bands, a hub of musical creativity."

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