Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Design Production for Print//Mailshots.

Researching mailshots to generate some more diverse inspiration for my mailshots for my design production for print, hypothetical Wes Anderson film festival- displaying a creative use of print finishes and concept development (my own developments can be found on my Design Practice blog).

A playful and creative design concept by designer Caroline Henson for a promotional free 02 sim card giveaway- conceal within a mailshot, visually represented by a cupcake, the sim card being the "cherry on top of the cake". A really sweet, interactive design- would look great die cut for a professional design outcome and clean, 
crisp finish.

Again, another food related sweet treat, this time the promotional campaign for 'Love Your Body 2010', by designer Hayley Kavanagh, with the tagline "a little bit of what you fancy won't hurt girls!"- promoting self image love and body confidence- complete with a free vacuum packed cookie- presented through a transparent envelope and die cut cardboard. Innovative, yet simplistic design.

Absolutely love this design- fun, engaging, and, of course, utterly memorable. Here, designer Jamie Reed promotes himself utilsing the magnetic fiber toy of ~days past~ to create "The many faces of Jamie Reed'...showcasing his various "faces" and abilities in a style sure to engage clients/prospective employees. Brilliant concept- I need to make something like this!

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