Thursday, 20 October 2011

Design Production for Print//WES ANDERSON FILMS//AWARDS.

Researching the awards that Wes Anderson has both won, and been nominated for throughout his relatively short film making career, in order to add more depth to my concept development, and establish (if only on the surface) why his films may be regarded as "good". I used IMDB as my source of research, as, for film and media related information, they are consistently reliable, and cover a wide variety of data.
Personally, I was rather impressed with the thirty- seven nominates over six feature films and two short films, and I hope that my target audience would similarly be.  

A few other sources of research found below, but not quite as substantial or content-rich, but useful to see the awareness out there all the same.

In this circumstance, not quite as relevant to the specific awards/nominations data, but felt this was a quite interesting summary of the other, perhaps less superficial achievements which summarise and document Wes' career- definitely something I will return to in the later design and print process.  

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