Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Design Production for Print//Rotary Blade Promotion.

Considering several factors and ways to creatively promote the range of Wes Anderson films- when I thought about rotary blade billboards and posters (clearly I haven't been able to source the ACTUAL name- hopefully I'm not too far off...) which allow for several surfaces and print-based designs to be revealed on a rotating "slat" design.






Unfortunately, contemporary sources and examples of rotary blade promotion are pretty difficult to come by- a seemingly ancient form of promotional material which now is most commonly used for bad taste design displays. (Note, above, a less that peachy report of the use of rotary blade billboards by JCDeaux). Despite the obvious visual flaws (the separation, the break up and cutting of the design), there are also a great deal of benefits in delivering a great deal of information in a small space, and over a short period of time (consequently, also a cost benefit, I assume)- and this "retro" advertising format could well suit the other-worldly style of Wes' films- littered with 1970's British rock, and embracing the style of the old. Definitely a consideration for my future designs, and a possible design development for my outdoor advertising and promotion work- see more developments on my Design Practice blog throughout the week.

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