Thursday, 6 October 2011

Design Production for Print- Packaging Research.

Researching existing examples of packaging design for inspiration for logo, branding and packaging development from this weeks task- which can be found on my Design Practice blog.

Beautifully simple and elegant packaging design for Babees Honey by Polish design team Ah&Oh. Distinctive and playful, these designs instantly communicate the product by the packaging alone. The sophisticated, handwriting-style typography brings a level of quality and luxury. Simple and very effective.

Creative and unique eco- friendly packaging concept by designer Harc Lee- in which he proposes a reduction of toxic spray paints (that are used to colour the traditional colour can's aluminium) by creating a pressed embossed- style logo on the cans- creating a sort of blind embossing effect. Of course, the Coca Cola brand is distinctive and known worldwide for it's branding colour (red), though I think this is an innovative and unique alternative that certainly looks like a wonderfully finished and sophisticated design.

A creative concept design for an anti-smoking campaign, designed by studio Reynolds and Rayner. A bold and strongly communicative design- the packaging denotes instant deathly, morose connotations- creating a powerful message to warn the smokers (of the cigarettes) what doing so could potentially lead to. Brilliantly cut and folded, this design is expertly crafted.

A creative packaging design by design team 'Fanakalo' for the album cover for band 'Zinkplaat' (an Afrikaans pop/rock/blues-fusion band). The word 'Zinkplaat' translates as 'corregated metal'- which was translated into a fun, interactive scratch-card-esque design, in which the buyer of the album is prompted to scratch away at the surface with a free plectrum to reveal the cover artwork beneath. Creative, playful, and fun- an innovative concept.

Playful and inventive packaging publication design by Burak Kaynak, the sliced bread notebook boasts itself as being "the best thing since sliced bread!". The set of twelve notebooks act as diaries for the year- each individual book numbered on the spine. Really creative- would certainly make scribbling down plans just a little more fun, and that little bit more of a novelty each day.

Branding and packaging designs by Steven Jockish for Brooklyn Fare- a Brooklyn-based cafe and eatery. The branding is simple, memorable and crisp. The typeface, 'Fare Serif' was creating particularly for the brand, and can be seen over a multitude of their promotional, packaging and branded materials with witty tag lines for a fun and playful persona. I really like these designs- totally simple, but utterly effective- it works brilliantly over a multitude of scales and materials.

Creative packaging re-branding and design for a YCN Competition Brief by designer Petar Pavlov. The simple block colours and tesselating triangular forms which make the complex and styalised nets instantly communicate the brand and distinctive flavours within the Doritos range from past designs. Despite perhaps not being as practical a design (financially or for stock reasons- slightly more bulky/awkward to ship and for shopkeepers shelves?), this packaging shows a modern approach to design with a dynamic geometric form- well considered and created.

Creative prospectus design for The Art Institute at Bournemouth by designer Jason Rubino. The milk carton packaging inspires the idea of growth and development which comes from the calcium-rich drink- and the message they want to communicate about their Graphic Design course and their Graphic Designers. A really innovative and original take on the standardised publication prospectus format, this certainly raises a smile.

Luxurious and sophiticated packaging design for Bon Bon Fine Chocolates- love the variants in tones and packaging colours to help distinguish the dark, milk and white chocolate flavours with the brand- though still kept consistent with logo and packaging repeated print identity.

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