Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Design Production for Digital//Top 10//More CBBC Idents.

Again, another look at a few examples of the CBBC 'bug' idents (series) now I have come to the stage of actively producing my ident designs and looking at distinctive devices that are used within broadcast idents.
For my proposed broadcasting channel, CBBC, I do have the slight disadvantage that no idents are made for separate television shows, as the BBC is commercial free (where part of the licence fee goes... a small part, I'm sure), so the idents are based purely on the entire channel alone- and not very specific as a result.
However, again, like in my research for Cartoon Network- sound effects and foley seem to play a really big part in these ident designs- something I perhaps should have considered earlier, despite being quite happy with the soundtrack I've chosen- definitely something to experiment with, or, at very least, write about in my module evaluation and feedback as something to have considered, and/or to try again with in the future.

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